Redeemer Lutheran Church and School

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Mipaca Interactive worked with Redeemer Lutheran's board to create a WordPress multi-site for the church and school.

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Tax 29

Tax 29 - Home
Tax 29 - About Us
Tax 29 - Our History

Tax 29 owner Andrew contacted Mipaca Interactive and needed a new site that was realitively inexpensive to setup and be completed within a few weeks.

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Malley Design

Malley Design home page
Malley Design work page
Malley Design identity page
Malley Design blog page

Malley Design chose to work with Mipaca Interactive for the launch of their website Some highlights of the site are:

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Catalyst Covenant Church

Catalyst Covenant home page
Catalyst Covenant locations page
Catalyst Covenant gallery page

Working closely with Malley Design, Mipaca Interactive installed and customized WordPress with a theme for Catalyst Covenant Church. A few features of note are:

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